Telehealth services offered in Pompano Beach, FL

Telehealth makes it easy to meet with your doctor if you’re too busy or too sick to visit the office in person. This is your VIP Remote Health access. At her eponymous practice in Pompano Beach, Florida, internal medicine physician Simone Van-Horne, MD, offers telehealth appointments and remote patient monitoring to adults. Call the office to schedule a telehealth appointment, or book your visit online today. 

Telehealth Q&A

Does telehealth protect my private medical information?

Yes. Telehealth lets you securely share medical information with Dr. Van-Horne from anywhere in the world, whether you’re at home or on vacation. It uses modern technology, like computers, smartphones, and tablets, to exchange data over the internet. 

Telehealth was invented more than 40 years ago, but it increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdowns forced most people to stay home. Telehealth is quick and convenient and saves you the hassle of fighting traffic or sitting in a waiting room for extended periods.

What are the advantages of telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers several advantages over in-office appointments. For one, it’s convenient. If you have kids at home and can’t find a babysitter or care for an elderly family member, you can still see Dr. Van-Horne without scrambling to find someone. 

Likewise, if you have a chronic condition, like diabetes, that puts you at risk of other health problems, you can avoid being around others who might be sick. What’s more, if you’re traveling abroad and forget your medication, Dr. Van-Horne can get you a refill promptly. 

What types of services are offered through telemedicine?

Dr. Van-Horne offers various services through telemedicine, including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries
  • Chronic disease management
  • Prescription medication recommendations and refills
  • Reviews of diagnostic imaging and lab tests
  • Specialist referrals
  • Remote monitoring of health problems, like high blood pressure

Most minor issues can be addressed through telemedicine, but you might need to visit the office in person for severe illnesses and injuries. Dr. Van-Horne can’t conduct lab testing or diagnostic imaging online, so you have to come in if you need these or other offerings. 

How do I prepare for a telehealth appointment?

Dr. Van-Horne conducts telehealth via a secure patient portal. After scheduling your exam, the practice sends you an email link to the virtual exam room. Log in to the patient portal at least 15 minutes before your appointment and test your web camera and microphone. Sit in a well-lit area of your home and eliminate background distractions.

Make a list of any questions or concerns that you’d like to discuss with Dr. Van-Horne. This ensures you don’t forget anything and get all your needs addressed. 

Call the practice of Simone Van-Horne, MD, to schedule a telehealth appointment, or book your visit online today.