Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine services offered in Pompano Beach, FL

Concierge medicine is a subscription membership program that provides 24-hour access to your doctor. At her eponymous practice in Pompano Beach, Florida, internal medicine physician Simone Van-Horne, MD, offers a concierge medicine program that costs $100 per month. This small monthly fee provides regular access to Dr. Van-Horne so that you can monitor chronic illness, receive acute care, and ask any questions that may come up. Call the practice to schedule a concierge medicine appointment, or book your visit online today. 

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What makes concierge medicine unique?

Concierge medicine is a modern health care model that lets you build a stronger relationship with your doctor. Rather than scheduling appointments several weeks or months in advance, you pay a monthly fee and get access to Dr. Van-Horne whenever you need it. 

Dr. Van-Horne’s concierge medicine program costs $100 monthly. Patients must commit to at least six months when signing up. This commitment provides 24/7 access to Dr. Van-Horne whether you need to refill a prescription medication or receive treatment for an acute illness, like a sore throat. 

The concierge medicine program is especially beneficial for people with chronic illnesses. Dr. Van-Horne offers telehealth and remote patient monitoring, including: 

  • Glucose monitoring
  • Oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring

Dr. Van-Horne can even coordinate care between multiple providers or refer you to nearby specialists. 

What are the advantages of concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine offers many advantages compared with traditional pay-per-service health care, including:

  • Reduced wait times
  • Direct access to Dr. Van-Horne
  • More quality time with Dr. Van-Horne
  • Improved health outcomes

Concierge medicine saves you the hassle of visiting the office in person. Simply call Dr. Van-Horne or schedule a telehealth visit if you need to see her but don’t want to fight traffic or find a babysitter for your kids. 

Do I need health insurance if I enroll in concierge medicine?

Yes. Concierge medicine provides direct access to Dr. Van-Horne, but the monthly fee excludes medical emergencies and hospitalizations. Make sure to continue paying your health insurance policy, as concierge medicine isn’t a substitute. 

What can I expect as a member of the concierge medicine program?

As a member of Dr. Van-Horne’s concierge medicine program, you can expect the same services you’d get from a regular primary care physician. Dr. Van Horne and her team offer comprehensive internal medicine, including physical exams, lab work, blood tests, and preventive screenings. 

The only real difference is that you get to spend more time with Dr. Van-Horne than you would at a regular medical office. Because Dr. Van-Horne limits the number of patients who can enroll in the program, you’re guaranteed one-on-one time whenever you need it most. 

Call the practice of Simone Van-Horne, MD, to enroll in the concierge medicine program, or book your appointment online today.